„Behind each lamp I create there is a story behind. Than each of these objects/lamps communicates with and interacts with other people. Each person feels it differently but it should awaken new associations, imagination, and pass on the energy that has been put into it.“

Zbyněk Soukup is focused on designing and manufacturing light objects as original pieces or in small series. Since 2009 when he won the LG Hi-macs Design Contest in Milan he started to experiment with acrylic stone and light. His approach to using this material is more sculptural but the design is technicaly developed to be easy manufactured in series. In these light objects, the border between art and design is very blurred.

During his studies (master degree in Interior Design at the Faculty of Art and Design (UJEP)) he has collected several awards for his light projects and other products. He has worked for Spiers + Major (London, UK) a studio which is focused on lighting design and is involved in various exciting projects around the world..

Some of his designs have received prominent attention like his Flowbowl which is installed in a permanent collection at the Corian Design Studio in New York City and also at The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. "Evolve III" from the "Endless Thoughts" project is in a collection at the Das Kleine Museum in Weissenstadt (Germany) and Living Cube which has travelled from Milan to various exhibitions in Europe.